Grant Simpson
Photo by Amy Fender


Grant researches the creation and use of objects and processes by digital humanities practitioners. His dissertation, Computing the English Middle Ages: A Sociotechnical Study of Medievalists’ Engagement with Digital Humanities, combines social informatics and textual criticism to explore the social life of digital artifacts made by Old and Middle English scholars. His other areas of interest include digital preservation, metadata and markup languages, and theories of technology .

He holds a Master of Arts in English and a Master of Information Science, both from Indiana University .

Grant combines information research with professional information practice. As a Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer, he serves IU in the analysis and development of pragmatic solutions to information technology problems.

He is married to Julie Kraft . A doctoral candidate at IU, Julie studies adulterated food, forgeries, and counterfeits, as they relate to the rise in the idea of the professional in Victorian England.